Steen & Strøm is a member of the Klépierre group, which is the world leader of its sector in sustainability. In 2023, the Klépierre group including Steen & Strøm has renewed its CSR ambition with four new commitments, concrete objectives and one overriding purpose for 2030.



Consume sustainably? Absolutely.
But where? And how?
First, in a low carbon environment. That’s great news, because our centers have already cut their emissions by 80% and their energy consumption by 40% in the last 10 years. And in 10 more, they’ll be net zero carbon. Because they’ll have kept up energy efficiency efforts and rolled them out at our retailers. They’ll only use renewable energy, when they’re not generating their own on site. And they’ll always be accessible without gasoline. Sustainable commerce also means providing services, as close to home as possible. At Klépierre , there’ll always be the best products, but solutions to recycle them, repair them and give them a second life too. And above all, there’ll always be a place for everyone. To welcome you whe nev er you want. And whenever you need.
Because caring for people always pays off in the long run. That’s what we do for our teams, our visitors and our partners. First, by training and developing them, to unleash their talent. Then, by making them aware of global challenges, and involving them in our approach. Playing our part in changing consumption habits means introducing our visitors to alternative, responsible services and product ranges. It means showcasing innovative, socially useful concepts. And it means supporting sustainable initiatives and events.
In all of our shopping centers.

By 2030, Steen & Strøm and Klépierre will have built the most sustainable platform for commerce.


Achieving net zero

We will manage, renovate and build shopping centers that contribute to the fight against global warming by developing low-energy buildings, producing renewable energy and promoting circular economy principles. We will also include our retailers and visitors in our approach.

Servicing communities

Our shopping centers are more than just buildings, they are true hubs for their host communities. They now need to be considered as spaces where local needs can be heard, understood and met with relevant and inclusive solutions.

Growing people

Our employees’ development has always been a priority at Steen & Strøm. Today, we are taking things further by extending this goal to our partners and communities and by incorporating CSR into everyone’s work.

Promoting sustainable lifestyles

As a leader, it is our responsibility at Steen & Strøm to improve the very fundamentals of our business. We will never tell our customers what to buy, but we will work to promote more responsible lifestyles and retail choices by positioning ourselves as drivers of this change within our ecosystem.


"Being a leader means having the courage to challenge the very foundations of our business, to reduce its footprint and improve its impact on the world around us. Being a leader also means allowing all our stakeholders to join us and together building the most sustainable platform for commerce."

Our ISO commitment


At Steen & Strøm, all our shoppingcenters are certified in ISO 14001. Our CSR approch integrates sustainable development at the heart of it’s performance, and sustainability is integral to our strategy and operations, because we view social and environmental issues as instrumental to our performance.

ISO 14001 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system, which helps us to enhance our environmental performance and support the Act For the Planet pillar in our Act for Good® strategy.

Having an ISO 14001 certification, Steen & Strøm is comitted to:

· enhancement of environmental performance

· fulfilment of compliance obligations

· achievement of environmental objectives

Awards & ratings



Klépierre rated "A" by the CDP for its global leadership in environmental transparency and climate change performance.



First position in the categories: Global Retail Listed, Europe Listed and Europe Retail.

Breeam Awards


Klepierre receive the 2021 BREEAM Awards in the Responsible Investment large portfolio category.

Breeam in use


100 % des actifs du portefeuille certifiés BREEAM In Use.



Validation of our commitments to a low-carbon future as compliant with the 1.5°C trajectory (Paris Agreements) with the highest level of ambition ("well below 1.5°C").

Gold award EPRA


Recognition of the quality and transparency of our extra-financial data for the 8th year in a row.



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