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Constantly attuned to both the latest consumer trends and our visitors’ expectations of an exciting, sustainable shopping experience, Klépierre develop large-scale projects designed to further enhance the appeal of our shopping centers. In Scandinavia you’ll find The Økern Project in Oslo.


Økern Sentrum

Oslo, Norway

Økern Sentrum


Culture, arts, and leisure put Økern on the map when project development is underway

Økern is one of the most important development projects for Oslo in modern times and it will become the new urban hub to the east of Oslo. Thanks to its location, Økern is of strategic importance for the entire north-eastern side of Oslo. Like Oslo, Økern will become a smart, safe, and green city center created for and with the people who will use it, live in it, and work in it.

The visionary plan for the 70,000 sqm. plot, owned half by Steen & Strøm and half by Storebrand Eiendom Utvikling AS, is to develop a multifunctional urban city center with a high proportion of dwellings and a diverse range of retail, business, culture, activities, and experiences. As a matter of fact, Økern has already been characterized as an area with activities, culture, and entertainment.

The Økern development project is in line with the urban trends in Europe and is one of the major projects in Klépierre’s pipeline. The new project will showcase a sustainable approach to retail in the city, with a focus on outward extension, green mobility, and public connection. Green lounges and re-opening of water streams will provide closeness to nature, making it an integrated part or the urban area.