It was no coincidence that Økern got Norway's first dedicated pickleball hall, Sweetspot Pickleball. Økern has already been characterized as an area with activities, culture, and entertainment.

“Økern has always been interesting to us. It’s an area in need of activities. We’re delighted that Økern Sentrum wanted to work with us, and we look forward to introducing the world’s fastest growing sport to the area, says Marcus Helle-Pettersson, CEO, Sweetspot Pickleball.

Sweetspot Pickleball is warmly welcomed. This new and exciting initiative is in line with Økern Sentrum’s plan as a multifunctional city center with a high proportion of housing and a wide range of retail, business, culture, activities, and experiences.

It’s fantastic that we temporarily can use the empty premises and fill them with new activities in the process of transforming Økern to the future urban hub to the east of Oslo, concludes Thomas Holth, Development Director, Steen & Strøm.

Oslo’s fastest growing area is going to have its new city centre at Økern, which will be the very heart and the central spot of Oslo’s largest and most important urban development project – Hovinbyen. Økern Sentrum in Hovedbyen is 50 percent owned by Steen & Strøm and 50 percent owned by Storebrand Eiendomsfond Norge KS. For further information, please visit Steen & Strøm’s development projects