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Field's opens Bottle deposit station

Field’s has welcomed the very first indoor bottle deposit station in Denmark, where customers are paid to recycle cans and bottles and help reduce the impact on the environment.

First indoor Bottle Deposit Station in Denmark

On January 6th, 2022, Field’s welcomed the very first indoor bottle deposit station in Denmark, which is also the only bottle deposit station in Copenhagen. The bottle deposit station is an innovative service, which enables Field’s customers to deposit their bottles and cans extremely fast. The station has a capacity of 60.000 bottles and cans a day and can process 120 units per minute. The recycling of bottles and cans is made a lot easier and faster, as customers can now deposit big bags in one go rather than having to feed a machine one bottle at a time.

Denmark established a deposit system for the recycling of bottles and cans. All bottles and cans bought in Danish stores are marked with a deposit mark, which indicates, that the customer will receive a cash payback when depositing their bottles and cans. The good news is that customers also are invited to deposit bottles without a deposit mark making sure that everything is recycled and reducing the impact on the environment.