Key objective

The key objective of Steen & Strøm’s financing policy is to ensure that the Group always has the financial resources needed to fund its development.

Accordingly, Steen & Strøm strives to maintain a balanced financial structure that is framed by the following ratios:

06/30/2014 Contractual limit
Loan to Value 52 % < or = 60%
EBITDA/Net interest expenses 2.8 > or = 2.0

Steen & Strøm also diversifies its sources of financing using:

  • bank lending in various formats (syndicated, bilateral loans, etc.)
  • the bond market
  • commercial paper to meet short-term financing needs.


Further information:

Please see our English website; for further financial information and annual reports.



NO_portraits_bjorn_Tjaum_150Bjørn Tjaum
Chief Investment Officer
tel+47 23 21 35 39

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