The crazyest sales ever!

This week, Elleville Dager will be arranged for the 22nd time in Norway.

The ambition is to offer the customers exceptional great prices, inspiring ambiance, exciting activities and enthusiastic employees. Elleville Dager will start up Tuesday 16th and go on for five days, until Saturday 20th of October.

The concept is revitalized and reinforced to further strengthen the position as Norway’s craziest sales campaign. The Elleville Dager campaign is like a wild rollercoaster ride; it is a five day deal hunting that takes the customer through the whole range of emotional aspects; from fiery enthusiasm to nail-biting anticipation, from tears to laughter. The centers will emerge as an energy bomb and a sales paradise for the customers. The commercial expression is wild and loud, and Crazy Days will be the campaign that everyone will experience and which no one can avoid!

See The Elleville Dager Site for list of centers, activities, competitions and sales offerings. Welcome!

October 15 2018

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