Pink Fish to Oslo City

The brand new healthy fastfood concept is today introduced at Oslo City. Pink Fish offers cool salmon dishes in a high-quality format, designed for generation Z and Millenials.

The founders, Ron M. Gjøse, Svein Sandvik and world champion Geir Skeie, want to set a new standard in fast food genre with fast, healthy and environmentally friendly food. In November 2017 the first restaurant opened, and August 8, the fourth store opened at Oslo City.

The concept is already honored the most innovative new F & B concept under the Global RLI awards in London in May, in addition to being featured as McDonalds challenger in design and lifestyle magazine Wallpaper.
Bring seafood to the youth
“Pink Fish is designed for generation Z and Millenials, and we want to be at urban malls where we meet our target group,” says Gjøse. He is convinced that salmon dishes, served as burgers, wraps, salads and raw food, will win the young people’s hearts and stomachs.


Ready for the future
“Pink Fish is sustainable, healthy and all our packaging is compostable,” he says, adding that, for example, there is no plastic at Pink Fish. With easy-to-order solutions in your own app and high activity on social media, there is good reason to believe in the continued success of the innovative, future-oriented concept.

August 9 2018

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