Inspiring initiatives attract people to Bryggen

Ambition and spirit at Bryggen in Vejle is currently sizzling.

During the spring, Bryggen has held several successful events. In particular, two events raised awareness and created great satisfaction amongst both customers and tenants at the shopping centre.

‘We have just held two successful Open-by-Night events, which brought in around 50,000 customers to Bryggen. Both evenings saw great sales activity, and it was most gratifying to talk to different store owners who had masses to do, but were thrilled to have so many customers,’ says Claus Brændgaard, Center Manager at Bryggen.

In order to maintain customer interest and draw focus to Bryggen’s 60 stores, men’s, sports and fashion campaigns have characterised Bryggen during the spring.

‘Our campaigns help to open our customers’ eyes to the wide range of stores we have at Bryggen. In 2016, more than 3.2 million customers passed through the centre, which means it is important that we signal that we have a mix of shops that can meet our visitors’ needs,’ Claus Brændgaard explains.

Bryggen has just celebrated its 9th birthday, and despite its youth, there is an increasing interest in accessing more than just the 3.2 million customers who already visit Bryggen each year. Ambitions are on the up in parallel with this increasing interest, and there are various plans on the drawing board that will ensure that Bryggen can celebrate a decade of existence next year by welcoming even more visitors and enjoying even more sales.

‘Keep an eye on Bryggen – before long we will be able to unleash exciting news in the form of new stores and initiatives that will help to satiate customers’ interest in Bryggen and reinforce the great demand we are experiencing in the centre,’ says Claus Brændgaard.


July 12 2017

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