Field’s is the home of aspirational brands

Friday 23rd of March, Zara opened in refurbished and expanded premises and is now the largest Zara in a Danish shopping center!

After thorough refurbishment and solid expansion, Zara has opened at Field’s Fashion Quarter at level 1. Fashion Quarter includes more than 80 shops and a huge selection of fashion, beauty, footwear and accessories.

Every year, more than eight million customers visit Field’s, one of the largest super-regional shopping centers of Scandinavia. Field’s is the preferred shopping destination of the region with a dominant influence in the Danish and Scandinavian shopping center industry. The center is internationally renowned and attracts aspirational brands such as Zara, in companionship with Nespresso, Victoria’s Secret, Guess, Calvin Klein, Toys R Us, Tiger of Sweden.

–          We have been waiting in excitement to finally release the new ZARA, which reopened in Field’s. Zara is an important anchor in relation to be the best destination for shopping for families. The concept has a broad appeal and is a main attraction to draw people to the center, says Center Manager Thomas Thomsen.

Zara is the world’s largest fashion retailer and is renowned for its ability to develop new products and get it to stores within two weeks, while other retailers take six months. The international fast-fashion brand just blew away its competition with year-end gains sure to be the envy of retailers elsewhere.

March 23 2018

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