A solid boost at Nordbyen

The family centre in Larvik will benefit from a solid boost when the biggest coffee chain in the Nordic region, Espresso House, moves in. Additionally, PM will be opening their latest concept, G-Sport will become Intersport and Apotek1 is having a make over.

Espresso House is one of Norway’s most popular eateries and fastest growing coffee shop chains. At Nordbyen, Espresso House is moving into the premises of Bakersmia and expects to be ready to open by 31 May. The coffee chain is well-known for its great atmosphere and highly attractive premises. They are experts in creating excellent meeting places and cosy seating areas, while delivering good takeaway coffee for those on the go.

PM opened its latest concept, featuring its fabulous stock and charming atmosphere, at Nordbyen in February. The opening day exceeded all expectations, with sales 50 % higher than those at Sandvika Storsenter!  In addition, they breathed new life into old premises, opening up walls and improving visibility from public areas.

G-Sport turns into Intersport. As part of the optimisation of stores, G-Sport will move into bigger premises and change its name to Intersport. The units that previously housed WOW and Shoeday will be merged with PM Mote and some store rooms to the rear to create a large space. This will mean the new branch of Intersport will have approximately 200 sqm more space than G-Sport currently has. Additionally, the facade will be opened up so that the sports store will be more visible, open and pleasant than before. The new branch of Intersport opens on 5 April.

Apotek1 to G-sport. As part of this major refurbishment and reorganisation of stores, Apotek1 will move into G-Sport’s current unit. This will provide the pharmacy with a somewhat larger space and a good layout. Work is underway to bring a new eatery to the current Apotek1 unit after they vacate, in order to make the center more extroverted.

‘The reorganisation and refurbishment is turning out to be a real success, and is giving the center a solid boost,’ says Center Manager Stig Eriksen. ‘And we are very much looking forward to the opening of Espresso House. Going there is like being in your living room: it’s inviting and cosy. We hope our customers will appreciate the refreshed Nordbyen,’ says Stig.

April 24 2018

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