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The project Viva in Odense

The birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen is now home to a real-life fairytale: the creation of a new, vibrant, colorful and innovative city center.



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Reinventing city center shopping

Viva - Projet 1
This shopping revolution is taking place in the very center of Odense, just a few minutes’ walk from the rail station along the main pedestrian street of the city.

The project encompasses a 58,000 sq.m. scheme incorporating a 35,000 sq.m. shopping center on two levels, an office building and leisure facilities.

The concept is to bring together around 100 retail units in the 6 distinct, themed areas of fashion, sports, home decor, media, children and food.

Totally unprecedented in Denmark, Viva breaks the mold of shopping by providing a totally new experience designed to excite their senses. The 2015 opening of this new center is eagerly awaited by the 500,000 people residing within its catchment area, 190,000 of whom are right here in Denmark’s third-largest city.


Viva - Projet 2

Viva - Projet 3

Viva - Projet 4



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