Core values

SUPER values

Steen & Strøm has defined five core values to summarise the manner in which we aim to operate and how we act in relation to others. The values are representing Steen & Strøm’s personality, code of conduct and how we communicate. The SUPER-values represent Samspill (cooperation), Utholdende (long term engagement), Profesjonell (professional), Entusiastisk (enthusiastic) and Respektfull (respectful).

Our success areas

Steen & Strøm has defined five success areas regarded as the key individual areas that must succeed in order for us to fulfil our vision and achieve our objectives. For each success area, we have defined a specific promise, which we want to give our target groups (owners, tenants, employees and consumers).

 The success areas are:

– Profitability – you will not get more for your money anywhere else!
– Employees – the most committed and competent employees work for us!
– Centres – we must be the best centres wherever we are located!
– Customer experience – we must deliver every time and sometimes even surprise!
– Partners – you find the best shops at Steen & Strøm!

Business concept

Steen & Strøm must be an offensive, professional, business-oriented and a profitable owner, developer and manager of leading shopping centres located in the most attractive shopping locations in Scandinavia.


Steen & Strøm’s vision is: We enrich modern shopping!


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