85 stores

730 000 people at -30 min.

3 million visitors

No 1 center for local everyday shopping

The Vinterbro center is located in Ås, an area with high purchasing power, just outside Oslo. The center has recently implemented extensive upgrades to its interior and exterior as well as an expansion of the trade area, and reopened in June 2013, as a new complete shopping destination for the whole family.

The architectural changes, including a new exterior façade and interior upgrading, give the feeling of transparency with a high focus on glass and lighting. The new Vinterbro emerges as a pleasant and diverse center with a friendly and natural atmosphere encompassed by state of the art architecture.

The center has 85 stores and a diverse range of services and restaurants. The center’s shop mix has been extended and improved, adding new health services and a fitness center as well as the local library to the large variety of shopping opportunities. It all adds up to giving customers the feeling of an efficient and enjoyable place to shop.

Vinterbro is a car-oriented center with a total of 1 350 free parking spaces, 8 charging stations for electric cars, 18 parking places for disabled people and 7 large family parking spaces.

In brief

Establishment of the center :
Acquisition by Steen & Strøm :
Total area of ​​the center :
55 147 sq.m.
Location :
Number of stores :
Parking :
1 350


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