Bruuns Galleri

100 stores

440,000 people at -30 min.

11 million visitors

Aarhus: the must-visit destination

Bruun’s Galleri is the most visited shopping center in Denmark. Its trendy shops, restaurants and cafes, its multiplex movie theater, open-air mini-golf and original entertainment events attract 11 million visitors every year, a large proportion of whom are young and urban. More than just a shopping center, Bruun’s Galleri is an urban living space and thoroughfare right next to the Aarhus rail station. It is easily accessible by bus, by bike or on foot from the pedestrian street that links the center to the historic heart of the old town and is used by 40,000 people every day. On average, customers visit Bruun’s Galleri more than twice a week as they pass through the city center. In response to its growing popularity, Bruun’s Galleri is now planning a 10,000 sq.m. GLA extension to make room for 35 new stores.

In brief

Establishment of the center :
Acquisition by Steen & Strøm :
Holding by Steen & Strøm :
Total area of ​​the center :
36,675 sq.m.
Number of stores :
Parking :
1,000 spaces

ICSC Award 2010


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