Unique shops in Bruun’s Galleri

The Green Kitchen, Thomsons furniture and Nails Gallery are this summers newcomers in Bruun’s Galleri.

With a series of store openings Bruun’s Galleri have continued the pace, which started the year. Many new concepts have been added since. And this summer brought three more, in popular categories.

The Green Kitchen

Along with the health trend opened in late August the restaurant The Green Kitchen. Customers flocked to the opening and seemed to love what they were served. Some sat down to eat on the spot, where there is room for individual seating, and some took the food on the go.
At the buffet customers can explore many different salads and hot dishes inspired by the Asian cuisine. E.g. panang curry fried vegetables in oyster sauce and fried chicken with cashew nuts.
The restaurant in Bruun’s Galleri is just one of several new openings this year. And the owner behind The Green Kitchen, Claus Juul, explained the success for the local press on the opening day:
“I think we’ve found a hot spot in the market. Our food is healthy, and you don’t easily find both healthy and delicious takeaway food. And certainly not for very little money.”
He also believes in the simple concept as the primary attraction, since you only pay for the weight of the food: 10 kroner per 100 grams – regardless of how you fill the box.
The menu in The Green Kitchen differs from day to day. But all the food is freshly prepared on the spot, based on good quality ingredients. The core of the menu consists of 25 ready-mixed salads and hot dishes. So if you are into a healthy lifestyle and good prices, it is safe to stop by the new restaurant/takeaway, who likes to call itself the healthy alternative to traditional fast food restaurants.

Nails Gallery

With a new nail shop Bruun’s Galleri is now ready to offer customers not only to go home with stuffed shopping bags, but also with nice nails and renewed energy.
In Nails Gallery treatments of good quality is combined with well-being based on the idea of customers leaving the clinic both with perfect nails on hand and feet and with a smile and lots of energy. In addition to focusing on a pleasant atmosphere, the shop also puts emphasis on hygiene in all treatments.
Nail Galleri offers a world of opportunities in manicure and pedicure. So whatever you are in for the natural nails, gel-nails or shellac, the employees of Nails Gallery ensure a great result.


If you prefer a very personalized decor you now have a new, exciting shopping opportunity in Bruun’s Galleri. At least so far, since Thomsons, as the store is called, opened on August 1 as Pop-Up Store and stay open until January. Depending on the outcomers, it will maybe make the presence more permanent.
Thomsons have grown from a web store – thomsons.dk – who have had success with selling furniture, unique products and stylish accessories for the home in a mix of old and new. The selection is broad for those who do not want to live like all the others. And the store looks most of all like a bustling flea shop where one can find everything from self-produced jewelry to a wide selection of home restored old furniture. In addition, you find a section with small items and textiles, porcelain and fun discoveries for the childrens room.

October 25 2016

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