High activity at Farmandstredet

Farmandstredet has launched four new stores and five re-openings during Q1, adding important width and range to the customer offering.

– We are really proud to have had so many new players on the center. We are pleased with all establishments and renovations, great adjustments that make Farmandstredet an attractive and exciting center for customers, tenants and center management, says Ann Christin Horsgaard, Center Marketing Manager at Farmandstredet.

  • La Baguette is a contemporary eatery serving fresh baguettes custom-made according to individual wishes. The ambition is to offer a healthy fast food option and fairtrade coffee.
  • On: U opened its second store in Norway on Farmandstredet, a new concept offering trendy accessories such as watches and jewelry with high fashion factor.
  • Masai is a new Danish brand that offers clothes for fashion-conscious adult women. The style is relaxed and personal with fine fabrics and beautiful patterns, creating a unique expression. The store had a smashing opening day!
  • Bjørklund is the latest addition at Farmandstredet.The store opened April the 20th, which became one of the best openings in Bjørklund’s history with over twice as high sales as budgeted. The store offers a wide selection of jewelry and watches from famous brands such as Casio, Citizen, Seiko, Club by Inex, DKNY, Gant, Inex Time, Mango Time, Skagen, Triwa and Nixon. The jewelry is partly of its own design and partly from jewelry designers from all over the world.

Farmandstredet has also had a bunch of re-opening during 1st quarter of 2017;

  • ARK has gained a much larger area and appears bigger and more inviting with a large selection of products.
  • Skoringen is renewed with light and airy premises.
  • Clas Ohlson has refurbished and established its new concept at Farmandstredet, the store is modern and up to date.
  • Vinmonopolet has made adjustments to their premises, thus appearing more delicate and transparent.
  • And finally, Klippotequet Trend has also gone through a rebuilding process and appears more trendy!

April 25 2017

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