Social responsibility at Bruuns Galleri

Bruuns Galleri donates DKK 10,000 every quarter to a project, club or organisation in Aarhus that deserves extra support.

‘We select three candidates from the applications we receive, which are put through to a final vote. The final winner is selected by our customers via our Facebook page,’ explains Claus Brændgaard, Center Manager at Bruuns Galleri.

The recipient of DKK 10,000 during the last quarter was the CK-Aarhus cycle club, who are now looking forward to a training camp in France this summer. The training camp will provide young riders with the opportunity to ride in challenging surroundings, to become better riders, and have some fun along the way that will bring them closer to each other.

‘It is important for us to take responsibility and give something back to Aarhus and Denmark. Many of our tenants at Bruun’s Galleri already have policies in place about giving back to the community, and do so in a variety of ways. We would like to support and try to match these values with equivalent initiatives,’ says Claus Brændgaard.

This is why Bruuns Galleri also decided to support the Danish Red Cross’ ’Smid Tøjet’ [Chuck your clothes] campaign during the spring by providing space for a fantastic pop-up store. At the same time, we encouraged customers to visit the centre to donated their used clothing to the Danish Red Cross. All the clothing goes directly to people in need around the world.

August 12 2017

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