Steen & Strøm AS
Støperigt. 1, P.b. 1593 Vika

0118 Oslo, Norway

P: +47 23 21 35 00
F: +47 23 21 35 80




 Steen & Strøm Norway AS

 Steen & Strøm Denmark A/S

 Steen & Strøm Sweden AB



Investor relations 

Steen & Strøm is an assertive, professional, business-oriented and profitable owner, developer and commercial operator of leading shopping centres located in attractive areas of trade in Scandinavia.


We are responsible for the operation of 34 shopping centres  which have a combined retail turnover of more than EUR 4 billion.

Steen & Strøm saw growth in retail sales and rental income at its shopping centers in 2013. Low interest rate had a positive impact on the profit.  The group had a pre-tax profit in 2013 of NOK 1 162.7 million (NOK 1 345.3 million). Value adjustments of investment properties were NOK 190.2 million (NOK 607.1 million).

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