Steen & Strøm AS
Støperigt. 1, P.b. 1593 Vika

0118 Oslo, Norway

P: +47 23 21 35 00
F: +47 23 21 35 80




 Steen & Strøm Norway AS

 Steen & Strøm Denmark A/S

 Steen & Strøm Sweden AB



Investor relations 

Steen & Strøm is an assertive, professional, business-oriented and profitable owner, developer and commercial operator of leading shopping centres located in attractive areas of trade in Scandinavia.


We are responsible for the operation of 39 shopping centres

which have a combined retail turnover of more than EUR 4.2 billion.


Key figures

Operating income: EUR 322,3 mill.
Operating result: EUR 37,4 mill.
Profit before tax: EUR -38,0 mill.
Book equity: EUR 908,0 mill.



Steen & Strøm occupies a strong position in Norway. The 12 centres account for an annual turnover of about EUR 1.3 billion.


Rental income for the 3 wholly-owned centers amounted to DKK 350.4 million (292.6 million kroner). Steen & Strøm manages 11 centres for Danica. Operating profits from commercial management operations at Steen & Strøm Denmark amounted to 10.6 million kroner (32.2 million kroner). Altogether the 16 centres account for an annual turnover of about EUR 1.8 billion.



In Sweden Steen & Strøm owns 11 centres with a total turnover of EUR 1.1 billion. Operating revenues at Swedish shopping centers amounts to 327.6 million kroner (327.2 million kroner).

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